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Rupp, Anderson, Squires & Waldspurger, P.A. School Law Seminar


Annual School Law Seminar!

September 20, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

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Earn 6 hours of MN Board of School Administrators Continuing Education Credit

Location:  Minneapolis Marriott Northwest, 7025 Northland Drive North, Brooklyn Park, MN, 55428 

Case Law Update (By Mick Waldspurger):  Mick will discuss the implications of the most significant cases and administrative decisions from the past year, including cases related to employee discipline, accommodations for students in community education day care settings, searches of student cell phones, gender based classifications in extracurricular activities, and transportation of special education students.

#MeToo in Schools:  Emerging Title IX Discrimination Issues (By Amy Mace and Liz Vieira):  This presentation will review the latest decisions and guidance regarding Title IX enforcement in K-12 schools.  Topics include sexual harassment, athletic funding, sexual violence investigations related to MSHSL Bylaws, and off-campus conduct.  The presentation will also examine the interaction between Title IX and the Minnesota Human Rights Act.

Student Discipline in the Special Education Context (By John Edison):  This presentation will answer common questions related to disciplining special education students.  It will include a discussion of the rights of special education students in the discipline context, when a student will be entitled to the protections afforded special education students, what types of actions could constitute a change in placement, the obligation to provide FAPE, manifestation determinations, and more.

Religion and Difficult Times in Schools (By Kevin Rupp and Abbi Kelzer):  The prohibition against establishing religion and the individual rights of free exercise of religion and free speech put school districts in no-win situations.  Today, legal challenges are just as likely to be brought by Christians as they are by those of other religions or no religion.  Because schools are reflections of and integral parts of their communities, these issues can quickly become local and media firestorms.  This presentation addresses the latest developments relating to both employees and students, as well as issues involving outside organizations and sites.

Hot Topics in Technology (By Kristin Nierengarten and Zachary Cronen):  Technology in schools makes our lives and jobs easier, but it also comes with a unique set of complications.  This session will address current and upcoming technology issues facing school districts and invite audience participation to consider ways districts can best navigate challenging situations.  Tech topics to be covered include cybersecurity, school surveillance, facial recognition, smart devices in classrooms, and more.


 District Liability for Off-Campus Student Conduct (By Ryan Supple):  School districts may be liable for student conduct that occurs off campus.  The presentation will first provide an overview of the legal elements of negligence, focusing on the duty school districts owe to students.  While a school district’s duty is generally confined to conduct that occurs at school, there are circumstances in which courts have extended that duty to off-campus conduct. The presentation will review cases that involve school district liability for student driving accidents.  The presentation will also review ways school districts can try to limit their exposure to liability through policies, staff education, and the use of written waivers.


Stuff You Should Know – Student Issues (By Michael Ervin and Steve Gershone):  When is it permissible to strip search a student to determine if the student has drugs?  Is your school’s dress code subject to a legal challenge?  What do you do when students have unpaid meal charges?  This presentation will address these questions and other stuff you should know about recurring student issues.   


Student Discipline Procedures (By Jacob Kimmes):  When dealing with student discipline, following applicable legal procedures for imposing discipline is just as important as gathering all of the facts.  This session will focus on the statutory requirements and procedures for imposing student suspensions and expulsions and will address common questions and issues with student disciplinary matters.